A business trip to chile

It was the first time I saw a Llama. And, in the palace became the residence of the president. Our tour guide pointed out that Pinochet shifted the congress from downtown Santiago to Valparaiso.

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Domestic and international calls work well, and rates are generally competitive. Use of credit card is very common in Santiago and they can be used almost everywhere instead of cash.

It is useful to have business cards printed with English on one side and Spanish on the other. The plant was going all the way to become very efficient. Chile has two Nobel Prize winners and both awards were in the fields of Literature.

The company also offers other fruits such as: Grapes, Drupes, Oranges, Apples, etc. The funiculars are now operated just for tourism purpose as the cheap fee that was being charged previously for routine use was not profitable for the operators.

Travelers to Chile are advised to check with their health insurance providers to ascertain coverage levels in Chile. However, not all speak English and foreigners will often find the ability to speak Spanish very useful, if not an absolute must.

On asking whether the recipe can be easily replicated, Mr.

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Day Five We visited the factory of Agricom, suppliers of fresh fruits, on the second last day of our tour. Most offices open at am and continue until usually pm or later.

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Highlights of Santiago de Chile: a guide for business travelers