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If this is true, it would be a whole new angle to addiction that isn't found outside of the IT universe.

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It is a great way because you are making a public commitment and others are helping you rather than leaving you to solve the problem all by yourself. Facebook committed to change, admitting "heavy responsibilities" to the global community, and invited regulation by governments. While scrolling through this curated content, people may see a post by an individual that has a great job, excellent partner, or beautiful home and feel happy or inspired by this person. Praise yourself, get yourself a snack, give a pat on your back, or go do something else that you love to do. Or do you like fishing? Brands must realize that they no longer hold the reigns as to what people want to see, think or buy. Most of these activities are time wasters and they do not add any value to your life. Most people underestimated how social media can influence and affect their lives until it is too late to notice the effect and to change. This can annoy those who are at the same table or people who are less privileged to enjoy the food. Last Edited:. Several studies demonstrate that users experience the interaction on social media as an extension of their offline social relationships, as a supplement to their real life, and not as a substitution of it. Social media has been created to connect people with ease and to build relationships.

In fact, all social media is addictive by design. FoMO is certainly one of the human traits driving how social media works, particularly with people aged thirty and under.

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One thing that makes people less productive and accomplishes less in life is procrastination. They fulfil the most deeply human need of finding a psychological distinctiveness and self-definition in a social context.

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This will directly lower down your desire to want to use them. There's a similar lack of data about social networking addiction. This can make social media the ground for invidious feelings. If you have a hard time controlling your social media use and think you may be addicted, contact a dedicated treatment specialist. It concluded that YouTube was the only platform with a net positive rating based on 14 questions related to health and well-being, followed by Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. If it continues over the long term, it will quickly become your habit and the disorder will eventually take place. Management[ edit ] No established treatments exist, but from research from the related entity of Internet addiction disorder , treatments have been considered, with further research needed. The Wall Street Journal debunked reports that 1 in 5 marriages are ruined by Facebook, noting that there appeared to be no scientific evidence supporting such data. In a study conducted by Harvard University, researchers found that social media has a significant detrimental effect on the emotional well-being of chronic users and their lives, negatively impacting their real life relationships and academic achievement among those still in an educational setting.

How to Cure Social Media Addiction If you think that you spend too much of your precious time on social media or perhaps you are addicted to it, not to worry because there are ways to get rid of the bad behavioral issue.

Some have asked the American Psychological Association to add Internet addiction to the official medical bible of disorders, but the APA has so far refused at least as of this writing.

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They have broken the barriers of distance and time, of presence and visibility. My answer: Human nature. Just delete the App so that there is no way you can check the updates or get notifications from the convenience of your smartphone.

This way, you can focus on your work and improve your productivity.

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More and more young adults addicted to social media