Amusement park architectural thesis

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By analysing the responses from the questionnaires which were conducted as part of primary research, it will provide an insight as to how the overall experience impacts the user, primarily through the senses.

This is one of the main reasons that push people towards purchasing items from the parks.

Amusement park architectural thesis

Figure 7 Disney Parks Figure 8 Thorpe Park 42 The success and excitement surrounding the Harry Potter books and films increased my personal excitement and expectations on hearing about the theme park development. The suggestion of a backstage and front stage has a direct association with film and theatre. Perception: Expectations vs. Could it be argued that this lessens the anticipation? The US parks tend to make these transformations more design based in keeping with the theme. But have theme park designers of today determined that audience participation is more effective on the immersive experience? Subsequently, they will potentially help explore spatial perception from first-hand experiences in relation to theming. Additionally, many of the transition spaces have no artificial sound, just the roar of the machines and the induced responses from the users, such as screams. The height restrictions promote to a certain audience but also limit the experience to those taller than the specified height in regards to safety precautions. This design intention has followed through from early amusement parks. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

As time went by, the concept of the park developed further into a space of leisure that was used by aristocrats and European kings. The island, pioneered by George Tilyou, introduced first signs of a competitive environment for the amusement industry.

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This is made more apparent with the change in acoustics, the music begins to reflect the theme song from the film but is introduced gradually, getting louder on approach, and even more so when the Hogwarts school comes into sight.

Overall, the prescribed experience for a collective audience can be interpreted differently by the individual. Theme parks and attractions significantly improve the image of a destination; this will result in an increase in tourism and result in economic benefits for the locals.

An example of this is the cut-through paths which were created by the user as ease of passage from one space to another. If the guests are open minded, as concluded previously, they are less liable to succumb to subversion. Washington, DC: Island Press.

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Urban Parks are parks which mainly cater to 1 the immediate residents of the area. The study has encouraged me to become more aware of the way in which a theme park is designed to consider human interaction.

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