An analysis of the ethical concerns regarding drug testing in corporate companies

drug testing ethical considerations

Drug use may impair a worker's efficiency and it is not fair that the employer pay full wages to a drug-impaired employee.

If we find them in the workplace, we should discharge them; if we spot them on the playing fields, we should remove them. Professional secrecy The process information on drug test certificate must obey to confidentiality — Section 6 1 and 5 He must not, in any case, reveal confidential information such as the diagnosis or the inaptitude nature or cause, even to the employer.

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Why drug testing is bad

And, in some cases nuclear plants and air-traffic control such accidents could have horrifying consequences! Google Scholar 5. J Policy Analysis and Management ; 7: — Moreover, so the reasoning goes, the only way to find out if an employee is a member of the category of drug or alcohol users is to test. The employer has an obligation towards health and safety, the employees must also take care of themselves with others, and an internal regulation can determine guidelines in this matter. There are penal provisions Section 24 if the employer does not provide a certain type of information or submits the employee to tests contrary to what is laid down in the law. The employer also has the right to process information in the event that: 1 the applicant is to carry out tasks in which special trust is required, in which work will be performed elsewhere than in premises supervised by the employer and in which the performance of duties while under the influence of drugs or while addicted to drugs may cause significant financial loss to a customer of the employer or endanger the customer's personal safety; 2 the applicant is to carry out tasks which, on a permanent basis and to a material degree, include raising, teaching, caring for or otherwise looking after a minor, or other work involving personal interaction with a minor, and no other person is involved; or 3 the app1icant is to carry out the type of tasks in which there is independent and uncontrolled access to drugs or a more than minor quantity of medicines that could be used for the purposes of intoxication.

Critics of drug-testing programs argue that employees have a basic right to privacy. Employers cannot intrude on this privacy without serious cause and in a manner that is reasonable. The employee took a drug while on her own time, and she is not under the influence of the drug while at work.

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effectiveness of drug testing in the workplace

The question if employers can perform drug tests on their employees, depends very much on the specifics of each case.

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This is a Test: The Dilemmas of Drug Testing