Compare and contrast essay taming of the shrew

differences between taming of the shrew book and movie

Conclusion Remember — The conclusion format will remain largely unchanged, regardless of the body format you selected. The Marriage formed between the two is a match made in heaven for two reasons. The Taming of the Shrew takes place in Padua, Italy, a very romantic place for a romantic story to unfold.

There are also multiple plot differences in the play and movie. The characters, the main structure of the plot, and themes are similar in both.

Taming of the shrew compare and contrast bianca and katherine

She is paired with another obstinate character in Pertuchio. Katherine and Petruchio are both very different beings, yet also the same. Comparing them is quite easy; because Katherine is actually they way she is because she covers it up with her true emotions that she wants to show. One of these key differences can be found through the attitudes and portrayals of each of the characters. For me, I believe the movie is better than the play because I am a very visual person and I like to see things rather than read them. In the play, Kate does not run away she simply When it comes to deciding which work is better, I would have to say Taming of the Shrew, because it is a more thought-out story with better humor. So how are these two movies the same and yet so different? It the method that tends to demonstrate the most sophistication. Body 3 — Significance of each of your comparisons and contrasts. In the movie, there is a lengthy chase scene where Kate runs away from Petruchio and eventually ends with Petruchio literally running through a wall for her.

These characteristics include light-hearted and slapstick humor, disguises and deception, and a happy ending in which most of the characters come out satisfied. The significance of this is then discussed in the third body paragraph. Clearly there are many similarities between the book and the movie but also some distinct differences.

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TAMING OF THE SHREW: Compare and Contrast Essay