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The play within a play is a device used to remind the audience that they are watching a play.

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The next scene becomes extremely chaotic towards the end. Lucy Lucy isnt into fidelity as reflected by her sexual affair with Nick whilst in a relationship to Lewis. Their collective existence in the institution is another layer of illusion their madness gives them an escape for as long as they need it. Lewis crossing the line Justin mistakes him for a patient He joins Roy in imitating the shock treatment Stands by the patients and sides with Cherry, although Doug started the fire Replaces Doug in the play Julie is rational she is not mentally ill but has a drug addiction shows how people did not know how to deal with mental illness Ruth who after leaving the asylum becomes a time and motion expert where her obsessive compulsiveness is an asset. Related Interests. It shows he is really starting to bond with the patients and Struggling to answer the essay topic? Related Papers. Importantly, Roy never changes, but the attitude Lewis has to him does.

LIGHT DARK o Light traditionally represents hope and clarity and, significantly, o Opposed to this is the chaos and confusion that errupts when the the plays opening stage direction connects the arrival of Lewis lights go out.

Absolutely huge. Lewis at the start of cosi is very content with himself and has very low self-esteem and confidence in himself.

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You are on page 1of 3 Search inside document In Cosi, a play written by Louis Nowra, the meaning of love is explored and challenged by the different views of the mental patients, the protagonist Lewis and his friends Nick and Lucy. Wagners music has theraputic power, motivating and exciting him beyond his drug-induced state. Lewis refuses to be pushed around this time by Nick and ends up punching him, severing their ties forever. Nowra wants to convey the concept of love and fidelity in the play Cosi, as the ideas are linked to the real world. Her sexual liason with Nick despite her commitment to Lewis is exempelary evidence of the parallels Nowra draws with the contemporary society he lived in, whereby, women were liberated and considered on par with men. It is replaced by a sense of uncertainty which reminds the readers that the six characters are mental patients and no matter how hard Lewis tries to convince the audience otherwise, they remain highly unstable and unpredictable. Bets Guglielmo and Ferrando that their lovers will not be faithful. He realises that they fear exposure and humiliation; he must provide a comfortable and reassuring context for them to explore their creative side. Women are commonly the unfaithful counterparts in a relationship. Cosi demonstrates that institutions cannot help people like Roy and Henry who are suffering from severe mental illness. Julie later reveals that she has a girlfriend who she would prefer to be with, confirming that both men and women are unfaithful in relationships.

Although each patient has a mental flaw, all possess interesting opinions and beliefs on different matters. Doug comes up, stating that he was a part of the audience.

Julie articulates the plays message that men want women to deceive them because it will prove their worst thoughts about w omen and allow them to feel righteous.

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Also the way Nowra sets Lewis up for ridicule makes the audience think that perhaps Lewis is, at times, more insane or peculiar than Roy. Their attitude to the asylum patients is condescending. Their flaws are seen as natural and because of this there are no resentment at the end of the play which has a happy ending, the two men and women getting married.

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This demonstrates that Lewis is also working towards social change but in a more local context. Black comedies are not about making fun of any group in society but are about exploring meaningful issues in accessible and entertaining ways.

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The s was a decade of huge social upheval, in Australia and in other parts of the world. Black comedies are not about making fun of any group in society but are about exploring meaningful issues in accessible and entertaining ways. To balance the presence of love in Cosi, Nowra also injects an element of realism into the play through politics, primarily those surrounding the Vietnam War. Through Henry, Nowra suggests that unwavering loyalty to traditional values can blind people to their need for social and political change. Cherry, pleased to hear that Lewis is no longer with Lucy, kisses him on the cheek. She thinks its icky. Nick reflects his goals to to make people want the war to endwant changes in our society[and] want to overthrow the establishment through his theatre productions. However, while there are many similarities, there are also considerable differences. Lewis tries to find someone in the group who can sing but is unable to. He is quite blunt in expressing his opinions of others.

When Nick and Lucy denounce him for doing a play about love, Lewis sees that love is important, regardless of the Vietnam War.

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