Ece 101 introduction to early childhood

ece 103

This course includes processes for planning and implementing developmentally appropriate environments, materials, and experiences that represent best practices in early childhood EC program settings.

Effective activities and resources to support family involvement in the classroom will be created. This course covers administrative skills, ethical decision making, risk and resource management, and components of quality Early Childhood Education ECE programs serving children ages birth through 12 years.

Topics include: typical and atypical development; legal requirements; research-based practices related to inclusion; teaming and collaboration; and accommodations and adaptations.

ppcc early childhood education

Emphasizes physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional domains and the concept of the whole child and how adults can provide a supportive environment.

This course addresses children ages birth through 12 years. Focuses on developmentally appropriate curriculum strategies in all developmental domains.

ece 101 online colorado

Addresses ages prenatal through age 2.

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