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Elementary English provides step-by-step introduction to the Writing Process for eight different types of writing assignments, such as personal narratives, newspaper editorials, historical fiction, and limericks.

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Put newly learned Grammar rules to use in writing. Using the materials included in Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 6, you can help your child achieve these and other goals. The homeschool program starts with Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 6, which will begin your child's concentrated study of the topics.

Those segments of instruction have been updated to teach electronic catalog skills. Located at the back of the worktext, the Writing Handbook contains a thesaurus and writing models, and the Grammar Handbook contains a list of abbreviations, prepositions, homophones, and sentence diagramming models.

Originally the second edition taught card catalog skills for the library. The Grammar Usage and Mechanics sections build upon basic Grammar rules and help your child incorporate them into Writing.

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