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As of andthere are Al-Azhar schools in Egypt. Education is the foundation for developing individuals by providing knowledge. Education grants for us a better life. The Research had 62 samples, they were all either students or parents, they were random samples, and all students where school students.

For the third question there was completely different results, concerning question 3 a there was Library at Bibufe During design was carried out, three pilot governorates FaiyumIsmailiaand Luxor were chosen, and monitoring and capacity building processes and manuals were agreed upon.

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The importance of completion of this level of education is to safeguard students against illiteracy as early drop outs at this stage easily recede into illiteracy and eventually poverty. During funding was decentralized all the way to the school level, and schools began to receive funding.

Both cultures also believed that they themselves were created for the purpose of serving their gods. So far efforts are underway with the support of multilateral organizations to make the general and vocational secondary system less rigid and provide equal opportunities to students of various wealth quintiles in the two tracks to opt for higher education.

Government schools Generally speaking, there are two types of government schools: Arabic Schools and Experimental Language. However for the few others who answered public was because it is cheaper, near the house and because the parent work there so it is easier.

As of year the There is special attention given by the government and other NGOs to reduce gender disparity in education and to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education.

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Moreover, all levels of education are free within any government run schools.

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Education in Egypt Essay Example