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Through these videos, activities and collaboration, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the Florida Standards and the FSA Writing rubrics. Students are allowed to write on both the front and back pages, and the writing on the planning sheet will not be scored.

These responses are not intended to provide a full spectrum of examples for each score point in each domain.

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The passage text set and text-based writing prompt can be accessed via a hyperlink provided in each sampler. The guides include a list of materials that you will need as well as specific directions for viewing the videos.

These sets have been updated to include a sample of a response earning 0 for copied text. Within the Test and Answer Book, the text sets that students will read and the prompt to which students will respond appear before the lined pages. As a basis for developing a common understanding of the scoring criteria, an annotation follows the response to explain the prominent characteristics of the response described in the rubric.

The Participant Guide is designed to be used by an individual teacher or small groups of teachers that would like to work together during planning time or PLCs to gain a deeper understanding of the Florida Standards, FSA Writing rubrics and ways to help students develop as proficient writers.

The Writing Planning Sheet may appear on the screen without lines; however, the lines will appear when the zoom is adjusted or when the planning sheet is printed.

The goal of the Professional Development is to provide targeted, focused instruction to support students as they become proficient college and career-ready writers.

The intent is for this Professional Development to be on-going. In each sampler, examples of student responses represent various combinations of the score points across the scoring domains. The participants will have the opportunity to practice using the FSA writing rubrics with support from the videos while scoring student responses.

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FSA Writing Professional Development