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I am active and experienced aswell. If you still really, really want to write your story of life, feel free, but at least format it so that it isn't gigantic wall o' text. A little about yourself. Most of this stuff will apply to other positions too, so worry not reading this won't be waste of time. Good job Tarlan. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Or get not forwarded at all.. Yes, my password is:. Please kids, don't try this at home, please. So I'll give ya a few short pointers about how to write a good application even though I suck at apps.

These are also not "suggestions" or "up for debate", so don't make suggestion threads regarding them. I speek truth of what I feel and I hope that no GMs would be offended b it.

Similarly, being friends with other staff members is definitely a brownie point. I see few and many flaws in the toribash marketing system. I have no clue what one I should apply for so I decided to post an app and see what I could become because I want to do something that makes the game better for a chance.

The staff also consider your in-game attitude in the application process. A little bit of ass-kissing and polishing your image has never hurt anyone. Being a part of the staff team can be great, and it's an amazing way to help your favourite server.

Point 4. Yes, my password is:.

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This is more of a "mental checklist", so you do not have to explicitly include them in your application, but they are taken note of throughout your application. You may not receive a response to your application for a couple weeks in some cases, but that only means your application may be qualified, and you may be qualified to be a potential new staff member.

Hypixel helper application example

And last! I am a 12 year old American boy from Missouri. I watch a lot of youtube lpers create "let's plays" and pay attention to how they do things so that I may be able to do that ,too. Yes, my password is:. Hardly relevant, but at least he's trying. Badly titled app may and will be lost among the other PMs. Such as?

I searched and found out it was free. Thanks for considering my application.

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Rank: Useless as well. Things to include in your application Include this into your application body How long you have been playing on Snapcraft. I watch a lot of youtube lpers create "let's plays" and pay attention to how they do things so that I may be able to do that ,too. After downloading it, I fell in love with it. Nito a. I could've used Tarlan as an example as well, but his applications were at least decent compared to this. Yes, my password is:. Most importantly though, don't lie. Source: See my applications bellow! So it was pretty good. He went straight to the point, good so far. See: Point 1. Let's analyze few apps, so I can point out what they did wrong and laugh at people at the same time. Yeah, after reading tons and tons of stupid applications, I decided to write this guide. I am a very quick learner.

Really, if you want to point that out show it with our application and actions, instead of simply writing it to your app.

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