How to write a faith statement for confirmation

Do you believe that the three persons of the Godhead worked together in the Creation?

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Write the answers as your statement of faith. Do you believe anyone who receives Christ receives the Holy Spirit?

When he placed the nail in my hand, it felt sharp and hurt a little bit.

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Even if you decide to attend a secular university, knowledge of the Bible is indispensable to understanding everything from literary allusions to why you should avoid credit card scams the week of freshman orientation. There are two Bible verses that stick with me when I think about my future and my faith.

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One particular time I felt Jesus present was one night during vespers at Lutheridge. As I continue to strengthen my faith during high school, I will never forget the secret to life: Jesus loves me. Do you believe that the three persons of the Godhead worked together in the Creation? I believe that without these things and without God, my life would be dull and dark. If Jesus can love you with all your imperfections, then I will try to be just like him. Speaking of the Creation, do you believe God created the world in six evening-and-morning days, or that the world developed much more slowly than Genesis 1 states? The doctors said that there was a diverticulum on my bladder and problems with my kidneys. What do you believe about the will of God? Below are excerpts from faith statements on Confirmation Sunday: I have needed a strong faith in many situations in my life. There are many others that are also vitally important. I want them to hear Jesus talking through me and most importantly living through me in my daily life.

What do you believe about it? He loves me even when I turn my head in disbelief that God cannot love me.

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Do you believe man was created in the image of God?

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How to Write a Personal Faith Statement