How to write a law school transfer personal statement

I also applied to four reach schools.

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What did you do about it? I have always regarded Princeton Law to be an institution filled with like-minded people: individuals who love what they learn for the sake of learning. You cannot hide. DO: Talk about how your prospective school will be an ideal fit for you. Talk about not only why you want to be there, but what you plan to do once you are there— how will you make the most of this school, and how will the school make the most of you? That being said, there are many roads to the same goal. I found out that the law is not the realm of bravado and power. Consider what your prospective school offers, in comparison to your school now— what attracts you the most?

I know my real weaknesses, the ones that an admissions committee looking at my complete file would see but may not feel comfortable asking about.

You could: 3. Request letters of recommendation in advance. I used the interview as a way to highlight additional accomplishments and explain any inconsistencies within my admissions file.

You should craft a new personal statement that reflects your first-year experiences, your self-awareness, and your motivation for seeking a different type of legal education.

Write about which academic programs, clinics, professors, and journals interest you. How did you process assignments and meet deadlines?

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After which, I asked for a letter in support of my application. Column AN of this spreadsheet shows you how many transfers every ABA-approved law school accepted in the first-year class. Your original school: The transfer school will consider the quality of your original law school.

What did you do about it? If you are seriously considering transferring, you should start researching different programs during the early part of the second semester of your 1L year, as transfer application requirements differ from school to school.

Yes, it can be difficult to positively spin what many consider to be the most challenging year.

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