How to write about our company

By Alyssa Gregory Updated September 02, The company description section of your business plan is typically the second section, coming after the executive summary.

Business description definition

Locations and facilities: Details on your workspaces or plans to acquire them. Hearing or seeing rave reviews from happy customers. Avoid fluff. As in most things, the best answer is to find the middle ground. Keywords and phrases are the most common words and phrases that your target audience will use to search for information. Helping small business owners find uncomplicated ways to grow their own businesses. Another client is a commercial construction company. African cooking sauce business described how missing the tastes from her home country inspired her to start the company. This will also affect how you file your taxes. Visitors will begin to feel they know you.

What are their wants and needs, their objections and hot buttons? Have it proofread: Ask someone who hasn't seen various drafts of the company description to review it for typos, grammatical errors, or flow problems that could hurt the impact it has on the reader.

How to write a business description

In your company description, talk about why the business was started or the history behind it. Is he a senior citizen or a school-age child? I started this business because I was tired of drinking crappy, overpriced coffee, and believed there was a better way. He wants to make a difference in the Alton community. Remember that people choose to hire professionals that 1 They like, 2 they trust, and 3 they feel like they know. Make it clear what the long-term plan is for any space that you have, or what your needs will be for a future facility. Related Posts:. One of my clients owns a bakery franchise. Talk about what you specialize in and the work you love doing. Look for opportunities to add color to your About page with photos relevant to your subject matter. Before you write one, think about what your company is about, who your customers are and how you help them. Are you going to be purchasing a building for manufacturing? Instead, let them see your affable, enthusiastic spirit. Get the picture? If you can, quantify those benefits.

We have all the pieces needed to make a powerful business description for your website. Once you've drafted your company description, go back and cut out any unnecessary parts or redundant information to make it clear and concise.

Keywords and phrases are the most common words and phrases that your target audience will use to search for information. The trio is also dedicated to creating an authentic Irish pub environment for everyone who walks through their doors.

How to write about our company

Include the most popular SEO phrases to help improve search rank when consumers search for something via Google or Bing. Our mission is to be the best in our industry. Is your visitor an IT professional with high-level computer skills or a layperson with limited understanding of technology? Show off your personality People do business with people, so let your personality shine in your writing. Get creative and have some fun. Simply combine all your elements into one cohesive paragraph. Social Justice? Instead, let them see your affable, enthusiastic spirit. Can you see how mentioning corporate missions like these will help visitors to know your company and want to do business with you? Management team: Details about who runs the company, and other key roles. This will make your company profile stand out and one to remember. If you have a home office, include that here as well. It also describes the early days of the restaurant, from its humble beginnings as a walk-up window restaurant to its eventual growth and transition into a dine-in restaurant beloved by the community.

These longer templates give you plenty of space, pages, and sections for everything you need. Show the human side of your business. One note on this template: if you are using Microsoft Word to make your edits, you may notice slight formatting issues due to its landscape view.

The owners use a mix of high-quality, professional photos and personal snapshots of themselves to show who they are and connect with their website visitors on a human level.

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Include those, too.

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How to Write a Company Profile and the Templates You Need