Hr implications

Hr implications

Hamda Ambah, Mr. The smaller the organization, the more likely HR is only associated with transactional duties such as managing benefits and payroll. The fundamental implication of change management is resistance. It is mandatory for your business to employ a DPO when your organisation is a public body; when the data processed is on a large scale, or your business is involved in the large-scale processing of sensitive data such as health, religion, race, criminal conviction and offences. The reason for the resistance varies. This research study is therefore conducted to gauge the change implications on HR practices, and thereof contribute to HR practices and how HR leaders and its managers can be change champions in the organization, using change management practices and the best practices that existing studies have applied to support the latter. Qualitative research method Research is a logical and a systematic way of seeking for new and useful information on a particular research topic, while research methodology is the systematic way of solving research problems. We have read from all indications that the importance of change management is crucial. Therefore, leaders tend to also display a reactive and or conscious manner of approach depending on the issue; the more leaders learn more about the necessary changes, the more they move from one approach to another Anderson and Anderson

The bigger the organization, the more HR engages in strategic decision-making and employee welfare. Beyond compliance, HR professionals can be a driving force for company culture and employee engagement.

This resistance may occur at different levels of the organization because it can be an implication of change if it is not well managed. They will change because everything around them is changing.

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And as an aspiring manager, this has motivated me to choose this direction of my research problem to become a better personnel management and also to be a change champion. This also implies that organisational effectiveness depends on the ability to integrate a variety of activities that are frequently cut-up, getting people to address a number of key performance criteria simultaneously, and linking operational and strategic activity Hendry and Pettigrew and Francesca Andreescu , May Similarly, according to Daft , change alters existing organization to adopt a new idea and or behaviour. With the scholars contributions and various comments on how complex one can successfully manage change, one may therefore agree with the fact that resistance is a severe implication of change management which often recur as a theme in the change management literature Cummings and Worley, ; Senior and Swailes, Thus, the way in which people interpret the change is therefore reflected in their behaviour as well as in the language they speak Barrett et al. This is because of the dynamic nature of change, the industry, and the change process Van de Ven A. According to John F. Armenakis and Bedeian , Pettigrew et al. Therefore, in order to successfully manage change, the following are suggested to ameliorate the difficulties in change management. It is not true that no HR support is needed until the workplace is much larger. That way you are likely to avoid any unwanted data breaches.

When change is made known to all, the people tend to follow their self-interest. This is because of the dynamic nature of change, the industry, and the change process Van de Ven A. Ignoring the need for HR support often leads to ignoring employee needs.

Although there are few studies in the implications of change management to HR practices.

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Others turn to an outsourced HR model and have a knowledgeable professional who speaks to employees if questions arise. Change management has recently become an imperative in today's management organization. Organizations may therefore pay attention to these forces in order to attract, reward and retain effective and efficient employees, else, this may facilitate change; as employees may leave for a rival organization. In total, they identified competencies HR professionals could possess, they also had measures of individual HR effectiveness and business performance. We currently see three priorities for HR leaders: Help the business create a positive mindset to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Scholars also argue that change management is for most part to be moderately successful, yet reports have shown that there are more failures than success in the change transformation Sirkin et al. The management expectations began to change. This means human resources policies pertaining to performance management are an essential part of supervisory and management duties. Employees now have the right to be informed as to how their personal data will be used, and they also have the right to request access to information held about the—at any time. All these are drivers of change; whereby organizations are compelled to adhere at any given instances. Organizations are exposed to the following factors 1 Performance gap 2 Employee needs and values 3 Change in top management 4 Change in product life cycle of a commodity 2. Handy, C.

Spreading Across Many Nations As a a multinational company, your business operates in several countries. According to Barr, Stimpert and Huff, ; Child and Smith, ; Leana and Barry,the general aim of change in an organization is as a result of adaptation to its environment and or an improvement in performance Boeker, and Keck and Tushman, Jos H.

All these are reasons many organizations are expected to embrace and to implement change.

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