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The most obvious changes related to lifestyle in middle-adulthood include: physical development and health, marital status, family, career and finances and self-concept. Heckman et al. More specifically, it means whether they are a couple, and any kids at home less than three years old or not. Describe the nature and causes of the problem faced by Samad. This will help and family time. Every family has tasks that must get done—buying groceries, making meals, taking the car in for maintenance and repairs, driving children to and from school and activities, and so on. Sudden career announcements like this are actually pretty common. Dual-career couples and parent employees would be able to use their flexible time off to correspond with the notable dates in their families such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions. The company soon found another candidate for the job. Justification of Study This study is important for several reasons. This includes topics as work permits, job hunting and reallocation services. Accordingly, they have devised relevant schemes and HR policies that aim to eliminate the negative effects of above discussed pressures on employees and consequently on the quality of their performance. As I studied these couples, it was clear that they do not want to work less, but they do need to work smarter and more flexibly.

The company soon found another candidate for the job. Garland, The better half?

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This type of families tend to solve their issues keeping in mind what is best for the family, over what is best as an individual. This arrangement can be beneficial to both the or remove some of this lifestyle's stress. Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Dual-Career Couples and Parent Employees in Large Organisations Some of the leading multinational organisations have recognised and addressed the issue of increasing numbers of dual-career couples and parent employees among their workforce and candidates.

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Dual career [15] M. The desire for individual and combine success lead couples to restructure their marital roles changing the structure in the modern families.

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Occupationally, it has been the woman more in meeting the simultaneous role demands of employee, wife, often who takes the risks, sacrifices more, and compromises mother, daughter, and community member.

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