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The sole survivor of this shipwreck is a grotesquely misshapen dwarf who commands the elements amongst other supernatural abilities.

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Jekyll and Mr. When he awoke, he was in the body of the creature. They were both severely wounded in the fight, the creature fatally.

As a young Swiss boy, he grew up in Geneva reading the works of the ancient and outdated alchemists, a background that serves him ill when he attends university at Ingolstadt.

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I had not been the enfant gate Literally "spoiled child," but here "pampered darling. The opening rose in May was not more sweet than this dear girl.

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Perhaps I can allay the tempest of your fortunes as I did my own. It was an awful sight to behold that vessel struggling with her fate. A human being bestriding a sea-chest! Then, I thought, I shall soon die here on these lonely sands, and the limbs he covets will be mine no moreit is worth the chance. Please call me Mary then. He immediately regretted his avarice, but decided to wait the three days for the creature to return. Three days thus I passed. The dwarf also seems to have had a spell over Guido. Shall we be friends? A crash of thunder broke over my head at the moment that, with a frightful shock, the skiff dashed upon her unseen enemy. The three days passed, but the creature did not return, and after waiting three more days in despair, Guido in desperation decided to pursue him back to Genoa.

I strove to warn her, but my tongue refused its office; I strove to tear him from her, but I was rooted to the ground--I awoke with the agony. I would join a band of freebooters.

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While walking about the cliffs overlooking an ocean, Guido witness a storm quickly rise up and destroy a ship.

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Transformation: Mary Shelley: Alma Classics