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Unafraid, he has dedicated his writing to telling untold stories in a way that simply cannot be ignored. Louis Globe-Democrat. In his time as part of the I.

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In his own life, he served as a member of the Israel Defense Forces. He says the changing technological landscape means reporters now must also possess multimedia skills and be computer savvy.

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Corwin also remembers a feature he wrote to illustrate how physicians were treating terminally ill patients. The suspect is brought into custody, but even with this new development, something about this case is bothering Levine. He was able to conquer fears and do the job at hand, something that helped him be an exemplary paratrooper.

Frank Duffy knows that he needs the best possible detective for the case.

Updated: August 20, He believes the field of journalism is progressing, just as his career has been a progression. His zeal for writing about crime took his stories beyond the Times and into the pages of his own books. His writing has not only documented monumental moments in the American landscape, but also has shown him that words have the power to influence change. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. Finding a Passion Corwin began his career as a student reporter for the Columbia Missourian. His interview with a dying woman made a lasting impact on him. In his time as part of the I. He was the child of someone that survived the Holocaust. Pick up this riveting second book in the Ash Levine series to find out for yourself!

He says his experiences at the journalism school all those years ago continue to shape his work and his life even today. He was drawn to covering the stories that were not being told by anyone else.

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Miles Corwin (Author of And Still We Rise)