My high school principals wife

We use the time to talk about movies or the news, or to plan vacations or home improvements. I would like to delve deeper into the realm of intervention. And he has even taken an occasional personal day to squeeze in a little more family or spouse time.

my experience as a principal

Adam is visually impaired but that doesn't keep him from playing and listening to music. I love to work with my team of teachers as they are truly are the best in the state of Michigan.

Tribute to a retiring school principal

Lolli Haw's husband and sons have helped stuff envelopes, campaigned for levy elections, attended school functions, and "they have done it all with grace," she said. Even the most energetic and tenacious school leaders need tact and good people skills to retain and inspire staff. That is an "order of operation" she shares with her staff, too. Researchers say that getting principals out of the front office and into the classroom is central to driving schools forward today. By doing so, you will leave your school a better place and your legacy will speak for itself The failure rates for students with IEPs have been reduced by half since the program began. She is just more at peace with the progress of her students, her staff, and her evolution as a leader. I am married to Jennifer Holmes who is a fifth-grade teacher. On the interim tests, student achievement was inching up. The former principal departed, along with a raft of teachers. You develop a building of collaboration and cohesiveness when you allow staff to have power and decision making ability. Over the years, Hazeltine says he has learned to delegate more tasks to others. Tony Pallija was an assistant principal when he got married 20 years ago. We eat dinner together almost every night. We have an incredible staff at Mill Creek that is my second family.

Our 1-to-1 technology initiative is in it's forth year and going strong. Make the most of every hour of every day. I have three kids, Lauryn 10, Madisyn 9, and Tyler 7.

is being a school principal worth it

They work with the department to accommodate assessments and assignments as well as weekly monitoring of every student with an IEP that is in the department. I also have three young children that keep me on my toes. I exercise daily with emphasis on biking, swimming, and downhill skiing.

Married to a principal

These meetings build your leadership capacity and are beneficial in keeping them abreast of what is going on in your school. Six years as a teacher and sixteen in administration. Last year we piloted a personalized learning platform through Summit Learning. We enjoy reading, traveling to warm places, playing outside, exercising and eating foods from different cultures. When not at school or spending time with my family I teach group fitness classes at our local wellness center. Hold people accountable through clear, modeled expectations. The most rewarding part of the job is the ability to work with new teachers and helping them transition to savvy veterans and providing new opportunities for our students that previously did not exist. Hardy excelled academically. I have worked in education for the past twenty-two years. Our daughter joins us when she does not have to work.

I was a high school chemistry teacher for seven years and am now into my sixth year as an administrator. Interestingly, in high schools, the ages of students have not changed at all over time. We are making the shift from the traditional way of assigning consequences for bad behavior to a more relational approach of managing conflict and repairing harm to those involved.

My high school principals wife
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Marriage, Family, and the Principalship: Making It All Work: Part 1