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If the invoice is partially or fully paid and the Allow Adjustments to paid Invoices Payables option is not enabled, you cannot create new charges in the Allocations window. To allocate tax to freight or miscellaneous distributions, use the Charge Allocations window after you create the freight or miscellaneous distributions.

Personal data Before you start working with Mews Commander, it is recommended that you keep your personal profile up to date.

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To assign an account to the new distributions enter a value here. What does each column mean in the export? For a Freight or Miscellaneous charge: Tax code value applicable to the freight or miscellaneous distribution.

nightly business report funding

This recalculation is based on your most favorable available payment terms and start dates. About reports Unlike the more traditional PMS solutions, we built our reports in a flexible way.

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Leibovit S Nightly Business Report May 20