Owl creek bridge

He made the rope firm around the prisoner's neck. If you move your head too fast your eyes will just skim right over the top of them. Something hit the water near his head.

Three soldiers of the northern army stood near the prisoner, waiting for their captain's orders to hang him. Not so much as the barking of a dog suggested human habitation. The humming of the gnats that danced above the eddies of the stream, the beating of the dragon flies' wings, the strokes of the water-spiders' legs, like oars which had lifted their boat--all these made audible music.

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The same script was used with Price again starring on Suspense on March 3, Some loose boards laid upon the sleepers supporting the metals of the railway supplied a footing for him and his executioners--two private soldiers of the Federal army, directed by a sergeant who in civil life may have been a deputy sheriff.

All IP addresses in Germany are blocked.

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In the tall black trees, the prisoner heard strange voices.

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SparkNotes: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge