Purposes of punishment essay

This punishment is intended to be sufficient that people would choose not to commit the crime rather than experience the punishment. However, if the behavioural prediction is not borne out e.

The rehabilitation process may help the offender find a job so that he or she may feel as if they are a part of society and this is a more permanent solution to this issue; whereas, reformation may be a temporary fix to the problem Foster, pg.

philosophy of punishment

Although we do not expect judges and other officials involved in everyday practice to justify all their decisions in these terms, philosophical theories of punishment provide rationalisations for the practice of punishment in most discussions on the subject.

Putting the death penalty to rest ; How religion shapes our opposition to capital punishment. There is an intrinsic moral value in giving correct values some effect in the life of a person who has become disconnected, even though the person himself will never accept these correct values Nozick,p.

What are the purposes of punishment? Although its effectiveness is not disputed, it can only be effective for the duration of the restraint. Through these case-studies, Muller systematically tries to show the causes of criminality in terms of individual inclinations and deficiencies.

The theoretical and philosophical debates on the justification and goals of punishment that have ensued, cover a vast area of social, political and legal thinking.

The third context within which penal actions can be identified is in public life i. Contrary to retribu have an inherent moral denunciatory value, in the instrumental view it is supposed to have utility in the sense of general prevention.

Some of these theories are closely similar, however some are drastically different. Only the guilty can be punished 2.

The sentencer who chooses a severe prison sentence in order to deter potential offenders, could do this at the expense of the particular offender who might be helped and prevented from reoffending if he were given some form of treatment.

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Punishment And Purpose ~ The Theoretical Debate : Rozenberg Quarterly