Reflection on counselling interview

self reflection in counselling

They have taken a pivotal step and should be treated accordingly. Otherwise, I can only view her situation within my own subjective experience. Research To understand or create a theory, one must first have scientific support. A torrent of worries swept through my mind, What if I say something wrong?

Reflecting upon the counseling session it is clear that I utalised a range of conversational micro skills. This short response did not interrupt the flow of conversation, and encouraged the client to continue.

Using the L.

reflection in counseling skills

This means; S — face the client squarely O — maintain open posture L — lean towards the other E — good eye contact R — relaxed and natural in these behaviours Minimal responses.

This combination of skills conveyed that I was interested and empathetic to what the client was saying. This practice of skipping turns has been hard for me to employee but Im starting to understand its importance and how to use it.

It also conveyed that I was empathetic towards her situation.

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Reflections on Counseling Sessions Essay