The mental health of children who

A framework for improvement. The organizations below also have information on symptoms, treatments, and support for childhood mental disorders.

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While this may be viewed as a gap in knowledge, it is also recognised that doctors across all medical specialities are less likely to know management protocols developed by bodies of knowledge outside their own specialty It's typically up to the adults in a child's life to identify whether the child has a mental health concern.

Statements presented to GPs are listed in Table 1.

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These professionals are able to refer a child to further help. Pediatr ; E Other studies adopting a broader perspective have all been conducted in countries with advanced economies, mostly in the US and Northern Europe7,10, Many GPs reported relatively low confidence on a number of issues, including diagnosis Training general practitioners in the identification and management of adolescent depression within the consultation: a feasibility study. Know what to watch for and how you can help. Describe the behavior, and report what you have observed and learned from talking with others. Additional information on identifying a mental health professional is at the end of this brochure. Children can become so preoccupied with food and weight that they focus on little else. Middletier services providing a range of psychosocial care to children and adolescents are usually only available through both primary and secondary care, yet they have limited human resources. How long should treatment last? Sometimes a mental health condition leads to self-injury, also called self-harm.

Children and young people need to be assessed by a specialist before they are prescribed any drugs. Sayal K, Taylor E.

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Results are summarised in Table 5. Child Adolesc Ment Health ; 9: None of the GPs opted for combination therapy of any kind.

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Many children do not receive that type of lifestyle though.

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Mental illness in children: Know the signs