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Love triumphs if I remember correctly! He saw through their plot. This may explain why Darius did not quibble or hesitate to issue a loyalty decree.

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That's where a read aloud has real educational value, when the facts meet emotions and give the brain something to hold onto.

Their ego and government rests upon nothing less than total submission and devotion to their will. A Question of Loyalty attempts to answer these questions from the evidence provided by a specially designed survey to measure political alienation and political protest. I had such an experience early in my career, and it was very frustrating, to say the least.

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Their ego and government rests upon nothing less than total submission and devotion to their will. Their cup of disobedience overflowed and around B. User Reviews Season 2: Still great stuff but the harsh cynicism of season 1 is softened a little to the slight detriment of the show 19 January by bob the moo — See all my reviews Following on from finishing season 3 of The Thick of It recently, I returned to Yes Minister for its second of three seasons. Since the province of Babylon was a new territory for Darius, a loyalty test appeared to be a "good idea" to help secure his throne. John the Baptist was loyal to God's standards when he plainly told King Herod that living with his brother's wife was a sin and his remarks cost him his life. Then these men went as a group and found Daniel praying and asking God for help. God handed Israel over to Nebuchadnezzar because of their disloyalty. The lesson to be learned from the Sabbath year is simple. Exodus These two separate and distinct instances of years have three things in common: apostasy, timing and vigil. Saul was loyal to his religion faithfully persecuting apostate Jews a. He does not sleep. The truth is, every human being has loyalties, but the real question is, "To what or whom are we loyal? Citizens can make two kinds of errors: they can be over-ready to yield to authority or over-ready to contest it. People know when you are not being genuine.

This is why loyalty tests were so effective. Was this review helpful to you?

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12 Questions for Increasing Loyalty through Leadership