Two types of cost accounting systems

However, it is used to determine product costs once per year, or more frequently when changes are made in the production process.

Two types of cost accounting systems

Activity-based costing on the other hand, involves calculation of activity rate and application of overhead costs to products based on their respective activity usage. There is no hard and firm rule about what category fixed or variable is appropriate for particular costs. The graphic below illustrates some of the confusing terminology. Indirect costs, on the other hand, are similar to fixed costs. Cost Accounting Can Mean More Profit If a company makes its production processes more efficient, meaning it is producing the same output for less, than it will make more money. July This type of basic cost system is illustrated in Chapter 9 and Chapter Manufacturing overhead may include such items as property taxes and insurance. Job order costing is good for companies with unique products. Steve, and James D. The amount of factory overhead charged to the inventory is determined by multiplying the predetermined rate by the actual quantity of the activity measure. In evaluating whether or not to increase production, for example, financial managers may take into account the sunk costs associated with tools and machinery as well as the out-of-pocket costs associated with adding more material and labor. But the set up or testing times for one of the products may be significantly longer. Additionally, there is the efficiency or quantity of the input used.

Unit costs are then determined by dividing the total costs by the number of units worked on during the period. Job costing, on the other hand, is used when labor is a chief element of cost, when diversified lines or unlike products are manufactured, or when products are built to customer specifications.

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The various types of cost flow assumptions include: specific identification e. Under ABC, the trinkets are assigned more overhead related to labor and the widgets are assigned more overhead related to machine use.

Process Costing When the manufacturing process is continuous and produces largely homogenous products, like breakfast cereal or sheet metal, process costing might be utilized.

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Financial Accounting One of the major objectives of financial accounting is to determine the periodic income of the business. They can be directly attributed to the production of output.

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Variable costs are costs tied to a company's level of production.

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Two Types of Cost Accounting Systems