What role does the environment play in preventing major chronic illness such as respiratory diseases

These are often the poor in poor countries. The increase in the prevalence of diabetes may be explained as a result of the population growth and aging, the rise in age-specific prevalence, or a combination of these two aspects Among all of the diseases related with hypertension, the heaviest burden is on the cardiovascular diseases CVDs.

These include diarrhoeal diseases from contaminated water or poor sanitation and hygiene; or respiratory diseases from indoor and outdoor air pollution; or vector-borne diseases like malaria; or malnutrition; injuries, and many others….

environmental factors that cause respiratory diseases

April Learn how and when to remove this template message While risk factors vary with age and gender, most of the common chronic diseases in the US are caused by dietary, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors that are also responsible for the resulting mortality.

Canada and the United States had the greatest decline in average annual percent change from — EPA selected indicators for human diseases and conditions with well-established associations of exposures to environmental contaminants, recognizing that, in most cases, risk factors are multi-factorial and that the development of a particular disease or condition depends on the magnitude, duration, and timing of the exposure.

His research interests center on quantitatively assessing the environmental and health impacts of air pollution, with a focus on urban environment. For school-going adolescents yearsthe prevalence of obesity ranges from National Academies.

Improving Health or reducing illness is the main goal. Raised blood pressure Raised or high blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension, continues to have a negative impact on mortality and on the development of cardiovascular diseases and other NCDs, both globally and in the Americas If we do interventions at the environmental level, that will allow us to have a better and cleaner air, clean water, and safe water, we will be protected for pesticides or for toxic that will prevent cancer in other diseases - definitely we will have an impact on health and at the same time, the public health people need to realize the importance of working as well at the environmental level.

ways to prevent environmental diseases

Regular physical activity RPA 2 in adults reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and breast and colon cancer. For lung cancer and respiratory disease, tobacco smoking and exposure to toxic chemicals are important risk factors 7 —

how can we prevent environmental diseases
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