Write a short note on the world wide web and uses of the internet

The Web browser then renders the page as described by the HTML, CSS and other files received, incorporating the images and other resources as necessary.

internet and world wide web notes

In contrast, the World Wide Web is a global collection of documents and other resourceslinked by hyperlinks and URIs. Prior to the release of Mosaic, graphics were not commonly mixed with text in Web pages and its popularity was less than older protocols in use over the Internet, such as Gopher protocol and Wide area information server.

before the world wide web

So for example, the host name for a Web server is "www"; for an FTP server it's "ftp"; or a news server is "news" or "nntp" after the news protocol NNTP. Speed issues Frustration over congestion issues in the Internet infrastructure and the high latency that results in slow browsing has led to an alternative name for the World Wide Web: the World Wide Wait.

Ironically, the abbreviation "WWW" is somewhat impractical as it contains two or three times as many syllables depending on accent as the full term "World Wide Web", and thus takes longer to say.

Polly is famous as " NetMom" in the history of the Internet. This software ran in the X Window System environment, popular in the research community, and offered friendly window-based interaction.

10 uses of world wide web

Berners-Lee's breakthrough was to marry hypertext to the Internet.

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A short history of the Web